Term for returns: 14 days from when you receive your purchase.

Cost of a return: FREE if you deliver the item to return in our store or send it by courier. If we send a courier to pick it up, which is the cost of shipping the product (we discount it when making the refund).

Term for the refund of the refund amount: 14 days from the receipt of the returned item, although we usually make it in 1 or 2 days maximum.


Here we explain everything in detail:

What is the deadline to make a return?

The term for changes or returns is 14 labor days from the date of receipt of the purchase. Lance and Malone, has a period of 14 labor days from receipt of the item to make the refund to the customer.

What should I do to give the item back?

 1. Return from your home:

You must inform us of your decision to return an item by means of an unequivocal statement, through one of these means:

In your client area (MY ACCOUNT), marking in the order the box of the item you wish to return.

By email:

By sending us by ordinary mail the withdrawal form that you can see at the end of this section, to the address:

Lance and Malone
C / San Jerónimo 17,
20003 San Sebastián

After checking all the data, we will confirm the acceptance of the return and we will send you the label that you must stick on the package (which must be properly packed for transport), which will be sent by a courier to pick up. If you prefer, you can send the package on your own through another courier service or deliver the product to return at our store.

When we make the refund of the amounts paid, we will deduct the cost that the courier company charges us for the transport of the item to be returned.

Once the item is received in our store, we will check the data and that the product is in the same condition in which it was originally sent.

Then Lance and Malone will proceed to pay, within 14 labor days, by the same procedure for which it was paid, the following:

The price of the item returned.

The cost of the shipment in case it was the responsibility of the customer when he made the purchase (discounting the cost of collecting the item to be returned)

2. Change from your home:

If you want to make a change from your home, you must request the return of the article following the steps described above, and make a new purchase online.

3. Return in the physical store:

You can return an item purchased through our online store in any of our stores. The articles must be in perfect condition, with all their labels, and with the corresponding delivery note.

In the store you will receive the return receipt and we will refund, within 14 labor days, the amount of the purchase for the same procedure used in the payment, including the cost of the shipment in case it was the responsibility of the client.

Please note that Lance and Malone reserves the right to refuse returns communicated or sent out of the deadline, or garments that are not in the same condition in which they were sent.


What can I do if the item I receive is defective or there is a lack of conformity?

In the event that, exceptionally, you have received a defective item or that does not meet the specified requirements, please contact us within 2 months of your knowledge of it, through the email address info @ lanceandmalone. com or by calling +34 943848390. 

Lance and Malone is responsible for the lack of conformity that manifests itself within a period of 2 years from the delivery of the product. In this case, you will not incur any expenses to make the return, since the cost of the collection of the product will be borne by Lance and Malone who, once the defect or tare has been verified, will pay you 100% of the amount paid in the purchase including shipping costs if you paid for them.


Withdrawal Form

You can request the return online (from this link) or download the form (from this link) and send it by regular mail to the following address:

Lance and Malone
C/ San Jerónimo 17
20003 San Sebastián (Spain)

- I hereby inform you that I give up my contract for the sale of the following property:

- Order number:

- Order date:

- Name and surname of the client:

- Customer address:

- Signature (only if this form is presented on paper):

- Date:

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