Gabi MaloneSan Sebastián 1974
Sorcerer’s apprentice and collagist

Growing up on Gros Beach and surfing here since I was a child are gifts in life that I am enormously grateful for and which have shaped the way I look at the world.

Being the youngest of seven children makes you learn fast, observing the rest, but also pushing you to be different than the others. This is the journey that never ends and is precisely what makes it all so interesting.

Curiosity has taken me down many paths through graphic design, photography, audiovisual presentation and digital art. Presently 3D collages are a perfect field to experiment with all that I have learned and continue growing in my search.

My creations are the result of everything I like; my experiences and my dreams. Small paradises in which there are often waves similar to the ones in Donosti as well as Hawaii and California.

Some works from Malone
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