Lance and Malone is a space dedicated to the exhibition and sale of art in the Old Town of San Sebastián.

The project was released at the beginning of 2018 and is the result of the union of two friends sharing the same passion.

Photography, collage and illustration are the formats that we they like most, but they have room also for other kind of arts.

Lance comes from the world of photography and has gone all the way from analogue times to the digital age of today. In this process he has moved through many places doing all kinds of works; portraits, street photo, black and white, architecture, music and also a lot of surfing (in and out of the water). Nowadays he combines photography with collage and painting.

Malone, moves in the world of internet, the video and the photo retouching although his great passion is surfing. Currently he is fully dedicated to 3D collage, although he also collaborates with Lance in some of his works. His role in this project is to provide the digital side of the creation and his experience combines perfectly with Lance's analog training.
Together they have created this space to offer their creations, along with other artists, who share the same vision and style as Mikel Casal, Rosco and Roskow.

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