Lance RetratoSan Sebastián 1969
Photographer and collagist

When Lance was twelve a mysterious family pawnbroker gave him his first camera. That gift awakened his great passion and changed his way of observing the world forever.

His black and white street photography began on his first travels abroad. The sea has always been a paramount theme in his work.

Years of experience allowed him to start his professional career as a surf photographer in 1997, publishing in various national and international surf publications, and travelling to countries such as Indonesia, India and the United States.

His style fuses classic and modern photography to tell stories with just few words; almost silently. Painting and collage also occupy a very important place in his varied work, consisting of projects of long development such as. Mar Absracto, Street Photography, Corto y Cuento, Proyecto  Ensamble and the recent Marine Donostia among others.

His photographs have been exhibited in art galleries and culture centers, as well as alternative venues, drawing near the occasional viewer.

Currently, having reached a point of maturity, his career as well as his work is recognized worldwide by a large number of followers.

Some works from Lance
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