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Roskow RetratoSan Sebastian 1963

Roscow is Fernando Huarte Campion’s artistic pseudonym, consummate Donostian artist who works and lives in his native city.

From his base of operations in the neighborhood of Egia he runs, creates and makes all his artistic works with a self made philosophy and creative independence. 

His personal tastes and excessively eclectic influences are as broad as his vocational training. The intention to study illustration in Donosti becomes an unending succession of engraving and serigraphy courses that lead to a specialty in sculpture a specialty in sculpture at the School of Applied Arts of la Palma in Madrid.

Since he returned to Donosti as a senior technician in sculpture, he has dedicated himself for decades to making large paintings (smaller ones as well). Mostly acrylic on canvas, although also ink on paper, marble dust, gold leaf, digital print, collage, watercolor, explosive mixture... and very little sculpture.

At the same time following his love of music with his band “Los Hormigones” or solo as “Baron Roscow” or “ La Momia Acustica”.

You can hear his music at or , and also contemplate the extensive paint work of the artist which will give you a real idea of his work. More authentic that what only words can describe.

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