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Rosco retratoSan Sebastián 1968
Graphic Designer

The first projects arrive when he was 17 years old, barely having started his design studies, so by the time he was 23 he opens his first Study were he develops all kinds of projects: Editorial Design, Corporative Image, Posters… etc.

Years later we find him working as Art Director of different Advertising Agencies until the beginning of 2005 when he starts, this time together with two partners, a new project of his own: Herederos de Rowan.

His creative process comes from his untiring seek for any type of graphic material in what ever type of form: magazines, books, posters, pictures… As much for documenting himself as for work with them. His collages are the expression of his continuos learning and his bonding with the tradicional methods in the graphic field.

This perpetual search of new paths makes him get deep in to other disciplines, like illustration and photography are.

Some works from Rosco
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