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Double Book "El regalo de los reyes...

Double Book "El regalo de los reyes magos / El poli y el himno" by Mikel Casal

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Idea and Text by Equipo Plantel

Illustrations by Mikel Casal

ISBN: 978-84-943625-1-4 

48 pages 

18 x 21 cm 


This book was published for the first time in 1977. The Dictator Franco had just died and the country set out on a path of democratic changes of which we can only say that we have only travelled a short distance, hence it is necessary to continue advancing.

If we lived in a dictatorship, a book like this would certainly not be possible, which perhaps we may read with a smile. However, we mustn't be too confident: today, dictatorship still continues to be the existing form of government in many countries, while others which claim that they are democratic, unabashedly recreate many of the characteristics of totalitarian governments: there is a high level of corruption, they fail to respect human rights, laws are made behind the citizens' backs and those who govern never provide sufficient explanations.

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